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Hi there! My name is Christian!

I am a web developer and Graphic designer. Welcome to my website! Check out some of my work.

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Web development

As a full stack web developer I provide good knowledge of how different kinds of web applications work. Both at the front-end side and back-end side of a web-application. I build applications with the help of languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL and in a few occasions even C#.
I prefer tools like Wordpress, Angular, NodeJS and others.

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Graphic design

I have been designing all different kinds of products for years, including logotypes, layouts, advertisements, illustrations, web-applications and much more.
Personally, I think my strongest designing skills shines through in branding and UI-/UX-design. Therefore I always prefer working with vectorized graphics and use tools like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma or Sketch.

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Even though web development and design is my strongest suit, I sometimes like to take on other types of jobs aswell. The jobs may differ, but could for example be digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization(SEO) or maybe even smaller type of video editing jobs.
All you basically have to do is to contact me, start a conversation and we will see if I am the right person for the job or not!

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About me

Web developer and graphical designer

The name is Christian Frisk and I live in Bollnäs, Sweden. I have a great passion for both design and development.

I would describe myself as a very determined web developer that loves all different kinds of problem solving.
My personal motto is that nothing is impossible as long as you are dedicated to what you do and possess a lot of patience. With setting the bar high from the very start you always push yourself a little bit further, and in most cases, even exceed your own expectations.
As a web developer you must look forward to learning, because its a never ending process. The moment you think you have succeeded in learning everything, is actually the moment you fail.
Regardless if you're interested in working with me, or just want to say hi, make sure to contact me! I would love to start a conversation.


  • Grafisk Design och Kommunikation, Idévärlden (2013-2015)
  • Web development, Mid Sweden University (2016-2018)

At the moment im open for all job suggestions.
Christian Frisk

Christian Frisk

Bollnäs, Hälsingland, Sweden

Web developer
Graphic designer

Likes: Ghost (The band)
Dislikes: Ghost (The movie)
And much more...
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Web development

Wordpress Site

Allt om gården

In collabration with the media company Svenska Media Docu, a new website was build for the magazine Allt om Gården. The website was meant to be a relaunch with the support for advertisement and automatic news feed to increase the company profits. Read more Arrows

The website picks up articles from other sources with the help of a function that scans through RSS-feeds and stores all new items in the database as wordpress posts. But before the function can store it, it has to parse the RSS-feed from XML to PHP, clean it up from unwanted content and prepare it for database storage. The function then has to scan through the content for any image-links and safely store the image on the server.

To do all this the website uses a scheduled cron task that runs the function every hour. The main purpose for all this was to make sure the website did not have to rely single-handedly on the external websites server, and to increase SEO and loading performances.

The frontpage loads its posts with the help of AJAX. This means that all posts can be loaded and filtered without the user actually have to reload the page. The website is build as a Wordpress theme from scratch and one of the main focuses was to use as little plugins as possible to incresase the websites security, decrease the loading time and decrease the amount of possible maintenance. Therefore, most functions, both on the frontend and the backend is implemented to the actual theme itself, and is not build with any plugins.

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Wordpress site


Stjärnbio is a company that organizes air cinema events during late summer nights in Sweden. For their new website, they needed a more user friendly experience and make the website responsive so that it could be viewed on any device. The website was build with Wordpress as a theme from scratch.

Wordpress PHP jQuery
Web application

Educational Association

For an adult education association I built a web application that could handle room bookings. The application was meant to be built with user experience in mind and include support for a digital information screen. Read more Arrows

The application is controlled through a login interface with two different types of user privileges. A regular user can see all reservations, make new reservations and edit their own reservations. A user with the administrator privilege can do everything as a regular user, plus add, delete and edit users, edit all reservations, update content, edit rooms and much more.

The application also includes a digital information screen where an administrator can update messages and show all reservations for the day.

The backend is built with PHP and a MySQL database, while the frontend is built with HTML, CSS and Javascript, including a little bit of AngularJS.

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Wordpress site

We Rise

We Rise is an organisation working to inform people about how children is affected by their parents divorce or break up. The new website was built with Wordpress as a child-theme from the theme Pinnacle. The webshop is built with the plugin WooCommerce.

Wordpress PHP jQuery WooCommerce

Graphic design

Illustration/Album cover

The Shadow Rangers

The Shadow Rangers is a single by the music group KRITA. For the release of the single the group needed an illustration that made perfect sense with the feel of the song. The illustration was used both as a single cover and in different kind of marketing campaigns.

Illustrator Photoshop
Album cover of Shadow Rangers by Krita
Logotype for Elusive


Elusive is a Metal-core group.
Their logotype was made in Adobe Illustrator.


Brännbolls-yran Bollnäs

Brännbollsyran is an annual summer event in Bollnäs, Sweden. As a part of a school project, me and three other classmates designed the events logotype. The logotype was meant to be used in marketing the event both online and in print.

Brännbollsyran Bollnäs Banner
Långnäs, Parken i Bollnäs, Logotype


During the same school project we also designed the new logotyp for Långnäs. Långnäs is the local town park and is the responsible organizer for Brännbollsyran and other local events. The new logotype was a re-design from the old version wich needed some fixing.



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So, what else...

Social media
And much more...

Throughout my different projects I have learned a few things about both Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing strategies, video- and music-editing, and much more. Feel free to Contact me and I will tell you all about it.

I also love to teach others and share my knowledge about everything I can.
Do you have any questions for me? Just let me know and we can start a conversation about it. Maybe we both will learn something from another.


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